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EasilyDo email folders

posted this on February 15, 2013, 3:23 PM

When you give us an email connection and enable email related tasks like Receipts, Deal Emails Cleanup, and Get Rid of Calendar Reminders, EasilyDo creates the EasilyDo folders and move the appropriate emails into that folder. We also create a EasilyDo/Teach folder to allow our users help to improve our algorithms to detect emails correctly.

If you do not wish for EasilyDo to process your emails, delete the EasilyDo folders from your email account and EasilyDo will stop sorting emails into these folders immediately. Or, you can go to the Settings page within EasilyDo and turn OFF all email tasks that were ON. Then simply delete the folders in your email at your leisure.



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